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Austral River Lodge

The lodge have one of the great fishing destinations in Patagonia, Chile. You can find a warm and welcoming feeling, the Lodge constructed of fine native woods. Capacity  is  6 fishermen in private room, all rooms have private bathrooms.

River Lodge is ubícate on the mouth of the river and the fisherman have 1 guide for 2 fisherman. The Lodge is only 40 minutes from Puerto Montt by private flight or 7 hours by ferry.

The lodge is designed for relax after the day on the river. there is a large living room and a confortable dining room and one beg kitchen which is equipped with a wood-fed cooking stove that is typical of the south of chile.

the lod
ge have a beautiful view, all the landscapes around the lodge and in the area there are magnificent views of the river, as well as of the mountains across the river from he Lodge.


Austral River Lodge it’s a “familiar entrepreneurship” where you can find a warm and welcoming feeling by the hand of the owners.  our mission it’s to provide a service of Excellency and exclusivity to all the people who venture here to enjoy outdoor’s activities in one of the wildest part of the Chilean North Patagonia.

Our Lodge its located at the end of the Comau Fjord, in the unexplored Valley of Vodudahue, where the geography of the landscape astonish the visitors and connect you with the nature. One of the main attractive of this valley it’s the “Vodudahue River” , with his deep and clear waters, its perfect to do activities like fishing, kayaking and navigation.

The facilities are designed for relax after a day on activities in the nature. Its consist in a large living room, with a great view of the fjord, a very comfortable dining room and a big kitchen, which its equipped with a wood-fed cooking stove, typical of the south of chile. all the installations were built using some of  the finest native woods, giving to the complex a unique style of construction.

The capacity of the lodge its 6 private rooms (all of these with private bathrooms) And its   really close to the course of the river, thanks to that, we have one of the gratest view of the valley.

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